Hands-on Training

We offer Hands-On Training for all our rental or leased products. By providing one of our own specialists or factory trained field engineers to assist in the initial setup and equipment training, this ensures maximum performance and correct usage of rental and leased equipment.

How does
this work? >

After we receive a signed rental or lease agreement, we’ll schedule a brief call to ensure that all equipment is scheduled to be on-site for your required project start date. Our Millennium Advisors will go through your project scope and recommend any additional accessories or resources needed outside of the lease or rental agreement to ensure your project goes smoothly and review any potential unforeseen obstacles. We will help guide you through the project scope and provide any additional recommendations or resources to complete your project, based on our experiences.

What Does

Training Cost? >

Most On-Site training fees range between $300-$500 plus travel

Your hands-on training session(s) can last approximately

4-8 Hours

dependent upon the types of equipment and requested service.

Further Questions?

Our Millennium Advisors are available for additional support throughout your entire rental or lease agreement. They’re available for any additional accessories, consumables or to answer any questions throughout the course of your project.