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Two dozen blowers and pullers to keep your project on-the-go. Over the last five years, we have teamed up with you to install enough fiber to span from the Arctic Circle to Miami Beach.

3 Facts about our fleet:

1) Utilize Traditional, MicroDuct, or MicroFiber Methods: Expand your services and take on new fiber projects.

2) Top 3 Manufacturers:
Ensure familiar operation for your crews or the option to try a new brand before you buy.

3) Blowers are Configurable:
Whether doing an OverRide or jetting bundles MicroDuct, our fleet is designed to fit your project.

To learn more or to inquire about availability for a fiber blower rental that fits your project needs, browse our selection below.

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    Tornado Fiber Blower is designed to be safe, fast and effective, even on tough terrain. Move fiber optic cable of 0.23 to 1.25 in. (5.84-32 mm) diameter at speeds up to 300 ft./min. (90 m/min.) into preinstalled inner duct or direct-buried duct. Accommodates inner duct from .47 to 2.48 in. (12-63 mm).

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    The Hydraulically Limited Cable Puller is designed to offer exceptional value while providing critical speed control and overload protection. It is simple to set up and easy to operate. Our Cable Puller has all of the features contractors demand, plus GMP quality and durability you can rely on . . . year after year.

    • Adjustable pull control, up to 1000 lbs. (453kg) maximum on a 40 in. (101cm) diameter capstan
    • Speeds up to 425 ft/min @ 15 gpm flow
    • Control panel with pressure gauge, pressure adjustment knob and directional foot control valve
    • 1/2 in. (12.7mm) non-spill quick-disconnect fittings for 2500 psi maximum hydraulic source input
    • Three versatile set up options are available: Self-Support, Vehicle Receiver Mount and Socket Mount
    • Portable Hydraulic Power Source that provides 8 gpm @ 2000 psi with 20 feet (6 m) of hydraulic hose
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    GMP/Stanley Hydraulic Power Pack 4-8 GPM 16 hp electric start. For use with blowers and pullers.

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    For blowing 3.0-12.0 mm Fiber optic cable in 7.0-22.0 mm Duct


    MiniFlow RAPID features user friendly controls and intuitive machine operation. Rugged, Compact Machine Design PLUS Integral Force Gauge for blowing 3.0-12.0 mm Fiber optic cable in 7.0-22.0 mm Duct. In addition, the machine is capable of installing cableat speeds up to 325 ft/min.
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    Condux Puller 42″ capstan

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    Condux 13 HP hydraulic power pack.
    Adjustable output for Fiber Blower and Fiber puller. Electric outlet for ECB on either unit.

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    The Air Stream has been designed to maximize protection for micro cables with a compliant double drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to provide precise control of torque and speed


    Cable Diameter: 2.5 to 11mm
    Tube Size (Outside Dia): 5 to 18mm
    Cable Speed (Adjustable): 0-260 ft/min (0-80m/min)
    Air Pressure: 145-215 psi (10-15 Bar)
    Power Requirement: 110/220 Volt AC
    Width: 11.8 in. (300mm)
    Length: 18 in. (460mm)
    Height: 10.6 in. (270mm)

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    Jameson Aftercoolers are used between the compressor and blowing machine to cool compressed air and remove water droplets before air enters blowing machine. Cools and dries air from the compressor to extend machine life and improve blowing distance. Requires no power input.

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    The Breeze Cable Blowing Machine is designed to meet the growing need for FTTX installations. It can install both microcable and blown fiber (blown fiber available with add-on kit) and it is the only machine on the market with this capability, so it saves you money…..,


    Cable diameter 1 to 8.5mm (1-2.5mm Blown Fiber available with add on kit)
    Duct diameter 4 to 18mm
    Speed 0 – 164 ft/min (0 – 50m/min)

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    Air Compressor for Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines The Air Compressor is designed specifically for use with our Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machines. This reliable & efficient screw compressor, powered by a gasoline engine, provides a maximum working pressure of 220 psi (15 bar) with 35.3cfm (1000 litres/m) flow.
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    The MicroDrive is the newest offering in our line of drill-powered blowing machines

    Cable Size: 0.142 in., 0.150 in., 0.177 in. (3.6, 3.8, 4.5mm)
    Tube Size: (OD) 0.335 in., 0.500 in. (8.5, 12.7mm)
    Cable Speed: 0-300 ft/min (0-90 m/min)
    Maximum Air Pressure: 220 psi. (15 bar)
    Power Requirements: Variable Speed Drill with adjustable torque
    Dimensions: (height x length x width) 6.6 in. x 5.6 in. x 9.7 in. (169mm x 143mm x 248mm)

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    The Mini/Blower Pusher is the lightweight, low-cost, portable solution for istallation of fiber cable. Designed for shorter runs, in the “last mile” section of a difficult installation and is driven using a cordless, corded or pneumatic drill.

    The unit can install fiber optic cables with diameters from 0.23″ (5.8mm) to 0.5″ (12.7mm) into microduct, 10mm to 18 mm or traditional duct from 0.5″ (12.7mm) to 1.5″ (38.1mm). The unit can be further configured to push/install duct rod into conduit and inner duct.

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    The Whisper is best utilized with Drop and Micro Cables. The Whisper uses compressed air to install the cable. The rollers, powered by most types of cordless drills (not included), control the microfiber as it is propelled into the microduct.

    Cable Diameter: 3 to 8.5mm and various manufacturers flat drop
    Tube Size (Outside Dia): 4 to 18mm
    Cable Speed (Adjustable): 0-300 ft/min (0-90m/min)
    Max Air Pressure: 220 psi (15 Bar)
    Power Requirement: Variable Speed Drill
    Width: 8.1 in. (206mm)
    Length: 9.7 in. (246mm)
    Height: 8.5 in. (216mm)

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    PLASSON offers quality tools and control boxes ensuring easy installation and safe, dependable connections.
    All PLASSON’s products combine to form the latest state-of-the art high performance pipe joining solution. PLASSON’s fittings include an automatic recognition system which is part of the complete smart system. The entire ElectroFusion process is executed and fully monitored by the computerized control box.
    PLASSON’s ElectroFusion fittings can be used with PLASSON’s computerized smart-system control box or with standard barcode systems.
    Each Plasson ElectroFusion fitting comes complete with a barcode.
    PLASSON Control Box product family includes the following features:

    • Automatic welding for PLASSON ElectroFusion fittings
    • New ergonomic design
    • Fusion process supervision system
    • Fully monitored welding process
    • 4 x 20 alphanumeric character display with backlight and adjustable contrast
    • Easy and user oriented data input
    • Highly flexible welding cable
    • Reduced service expense by software controlled calibration
    • Easy data transfer to PC printer or portable memory box
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    The Single Size Junction Box comprises an aluminum base and lid that form a pressurized air chamber into which one end of an existing occupied innerduct can be attached. The existing cable can exit the box through an opening that has 3 cable seal slots, one of which will house the seal to suit the size of the existing cable. Works with 1.25″, 1.50″ and 2.00″ duct Sizes

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