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  • SKU: 000-030-024x, 000-030-029x, 000-030-066x

    These Condux portable power sources are matched perfectly to the power requirements of the Condux Fiber Optic Cable Puller and the Fiber Optic Cable Blower. This portable power source is matched perfectly to the requirements for the Condux Fiber Optic Cable Blower and Puller. Utilizing a small footprint, the 13hp Power Pack features a variable flow switch (from 5gpm to 8gpm) to ensure that every job can be covered with just one machine.

    • 2150psi
    • Fuel: 1.6g (6.4L)
    • Weight: 143lbs (65kg)
  • SKU: 000-030-049x

    Fiber Blower, Micro Fiber, Air Stream, Fiber Dia 2.5mm-11mm, Duct Dia 5mm- 18mm, Includes Tube Collets, Clamps, Cable Guide and Seals.

    • Cable Diameter: 2.5 to 11mm
    • Tube Size (Outside Dia): 5 to 18mm
    • Cable Speed (Adjustable): 0-260 ft/min (0-80m/min)
    • Air Pressure: 145-215 psi (10-15 Bar)
    • Power Requirement: 110/220 Volt AC
    • Width: 11.8 in. (300mm)
    • Length: 18 in. (460mm)
    • Height: 10.6 in. (270mm)
  • SKU: 000-030-033x

    Blows Fiber 1mm to 8.5 mm, Cable Duct
    4mm to 18 mm, Includes Multi-Purpose
    Carrying Case/Working Stand, & Rugged
    Accessory Tool Kit.

    • Cable diameter 1 to 8.5mm (1-2.5mm Blown Fiber available with add-on kit)
    • Duct diameter 4 to 18mm
    • Speed 0 – 164 ft/min (0 – 50m/min)
    • Two self-centering rollers (with soft covers) drive the micro fiber cable
    • Light weight aluminum housing.
    • Quick change rollers with one simple tool
    • 10″ H x 10.6″ W x 15.3″ L
  • SKU: 000-030-046x

    Condux Gulfstream 350 Fiber Optic Cable Blower is all pneumatic and comes complete with a convenient storage case.  With the ability to install fiber from 0.16″ – 0.62″ (4 – 16mm) into duct ranging from 0.50″ – 1.25″ (8 – 42mm), the Gulfstream 350 provides a mechanical counter, speed indicator, and maximum belt visibility.

  • SKU: 000-030-023x, 000-030-067x

    The Condux Gulfstream 400™ Fiber Optic Cable Blower is designed for the installation of fiber optic cables with diameters from 0.23″ (5.8 mm) to 1.13″ (28.7 mm) into microduct.

    Install up to 300 feet of fiber optic cable per minute (90 m/min). The cable travels at the same speed as the air! A carrier is always attached to the front of the cable. Compressed air propels the carrier and cable through the air-tight sealed duct. And, because air flow and tractor drive speed can be adjusted, you can install fiber at the rate which best suits any application.

    • Duct OD: 1/2″-2″ (10-51mm)
    • Fibre Cable OD: 0.23″-1.13″ (5.8-28.7mm)
    • Average Distance~: 6,500ft
    • Max Speed: 300ft/min
    • Weight: 104lbs
  • SKU: 000-030-045x

    Condux Mini/Blower Pusher is the lightweight, low-cost, portable solution for installation of fiber cable. Designed for shorter runs, in the “last mile” section of difficult installation and is driven using a cordless, corded or pneumatic drill.

    The universal stem allows both right and left handside connections allowing for forward drive and reverse drive.

    The machined aluminum construction provides a lightweight profile and longlife durability.

    The unit can install fiber optic cables with diameters from 0.23″ (5.8mm) to 0.5″ (12.7mm) into microduct, 10mm to 18 mm or traditional duct from 0.5″ (12.7mm) to 1.5″ (38.1mm). The unit can be further configured to push/install duct rod into conduit and inner duct.

  • SKU: 000-030-015x

    Available in three sizes, the GMP  Cable Overblowing Junction Boxes have been designed to install a new cable or innerduct into an existing occupied 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″  innerduct (subject to space being available).

    The Single Size Junction Box comprises an aluminum base and lid that form a pressurized air chamber into which one end of an existing occupied innderduct can be attached. The existing cable can exit the box through an opening that has 3 cable seal slots, one of which will house the seal to suit the size of the existing cable. The third branch is then connected to a GMP Cable Blowing Machine via a short slave length of innerduct for the installation of the extra cable or tube(s). A collection of seals ranging from 7.5 – 20 mm included with junction box.

  • SKU: 000-030-064x

    The MicroDrive is the newest offering in our line of drill-powered blowing machines. Manufactured in the USA by General Machine Products, a leader in innovative and specialized telecommunication products since 1936.

    • Placing optical fiber with the MicroDrive couldn’t be safer and easier
    • Built with simplicity and reliability in mind
    • Blower is driven by an off-the-shelf battery powered drill
    • Coupled with the drive roller is a precision clutch, which allows you to dial in your custom torque settings
    • Offers a battery powered cable speed and distance counter
    • A family of useful accessories are also available
  • SKU: 000-030-060x, 000-030-059x, 000-030-065x

    Tornado Fiber Blower is designed to be safe, fast and effective, even on tough terrain. Move fiber optic cable of 0.23 to 1.25 in. (5.84-32 mm) diameter at speeds up to 300 ft./min. (90 m/min.) into pre-installed innerduct or direct-buried duct. Accommodates innerduct from .47 to 2.48 in. (12-63 mm).

    • Cable collets for
    • Power pack with hydraulic hoses
    • Duct Seals for 1.25″ SDR
  • SKU: 000-030-027x, 000-030-056x

    Specifications: Cable Diameter: 2 to 8.5mm and various mfg flat drop
    Tube Size (Outside Dia): 4 to 18mm
    Cable Speed (Adjustable): 0-300 ft/min (0-90m/min)
    Max Air Pressure: 220 psi (15 Bar)
    Power Requirement: Variable Speed Drill
    Width: 8.1 in. (206mm)
    Length: 9.7 in. (246mm)
    Height: 8.5 in. (216mm)

  • SKU: 000-030-062x

    GMP’s Hydraulically Cable Puller is designed to offer exceptional value while providing critical speed control and overload protection. It is simple to set up and easy to operate. Our Cable Puller has all of the features contractors demand.

    • Adjustable pull control, up to 1000 lbs. (453kg) maximum on a 40 in. (101cm) diameter capstan
    • Speeds up to 425 ft/min @ 15 gpm flow
    • Control panel with pressure gauge, pressure adjustment knob and directional foot control valve
    • 1/2 in. (12.7mm) non-spill quick-disconnect fittings for 2500 psi maximum hydraulic source input
    • Three versatile set up options are available: Self-Support, Vehicle Receiver Mount and Socket Mount
    • Portable Hydraulic Power Source that provides 8 gpm @ 2000 psi with 20 feet (6 m) of hydraulic hose
  • SKU: 000-040-001x

    Plasson USA Electrofusion Polymatic Plus USB Control Electrofusion Machines feature multiple modes of operation in a portable design. Automatically checks generator suitability and will not commence welding if the power supply is out of specification. Low power design and ramped soft starts make fusing easier.

    Versatile for operating anywhere: Weather Proof Case Design and Wide Operating Temperature Range: 14°F to 122°F. Portable Design: Only 44lbs – easy handling. Detachable Output Leads in multiple lengths, making it easier to access to difficult locations. Automatic Recognition of Plasson Fusamatic fittings 20 to 355mm diameter.

    • Universal Control Box, allows for fusion of other manufacturers Electrofusion Fittings
    • Barcode System for easy scan of fusion data
    • Plasson Smart System automatically recognizes Plasson USA Electrofusion Fittings
    • Manual mode for manual input of fusion data
    • Includes Electrofusion Processor
    • Leads for Plasson Couplers
    • Barcode Scanner for processor

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