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When it comes to fiber optic systems, their capacity must constantly be enhanced as technology continues to evolve.
For a simple yet effective way to understand the connectivity of your fiber optics, rent an OTDR Fiber Tester from our team. Millennium Leasing equipment provides accurate results in real-time to better understand your fiber optic system.
If you are looking for the ideal company to rent fiber testers that fit your needs, rent from Millennium Leasing.

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    The EXFO MAX-945 Single Mode Fiber Optical Loss Test Set OLTS (1310/1550 nm) offers FasTesT™ automated insertion loss, fiber length and optical return loss bidirectional measurements. Two connected platforms with 7″ high-resolution touchscreens, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth, PDF reporting and full-day autonomy (12 hours) allow increasing efficiency of fiber testing & results analysis. The MaxTester 945 has a Test Again feature, on-board assistant, 2 GB internal memory (150,000 test results), RJ-45 built-in interface and two USB 2.0 ports. With the FIP-400B automated fiber inspection probes (sold separately) you can quickly inspect connector end-faces at both ends of the fiber.

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    The MaxTester 720C (MAX-720C) provides first-time-right fiber characterization thanks to its short dead zones and effective dynamic range. This compact unit is optimized for singlemode field testing for data centers, private/enterprise networks, FTTA and fronthaul deployments.

    The MAX-720C includes a power meter, a visual fault locator, Wi-Fi connectivity and high-resolution inspection capabilities, making the unit a complete and an integrated contractor tool.

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    The FTBx-720C is an OTDR that is best suited for most typical short and access networks. It can perform both singlemode and multimode testing.

    The FTBx-720C is designed for fronthaul/backhaul applications (FTTA, DAS, RRH, small cells), data-center tier-2 troubleshooting, enterprise and access networks, PON characterization and more. The FTBx-720C test module is hosted in a modular compact FTB-2 platform that can also be equipped with other testing capabilities such as Ethernet, CPRI or copper testing to provide a complete test solution for FTTA contractors.

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    The EXFO FIP-435B-UPC is a fully automated fiber inspection probe with WiFi connectivity, Pass/Fail LED indicator, automated focus, triple magnification, auto center, connector end-face analysis, plus MPO/MTP analysis with picture-in-picture visualization. It is easily used with one hand for testing fiber connections in FTTA, FTTx, hybrid networks, DAS & other applications. The ConnectorMax2 Mobile Software (available on Android or iOS) offers live video display, screen rotation, zoom, results review on your smart device, time saving documentation & reporting features. The FIP-435B is compatible with FTB, MaxTester, PCs & Android devices. The battery provides 6 hours of continuous work.

    The EXFO FIP-435B-UPC includes a fiber inspection probe, 2.5mm universal patchcord tip, FC/SC tip for bulkhead adapter, USB to micro USB cable, rechargeable battery, USB AC adapter, protective cap & cord assembly, plastic case for tips & soft pouch

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