Gulfstream 400 Blower

 $1,600 / Per Week

The Condux Gulfstream 400™ Fiber Optic Cable Blower is designed for the installation of fiber optic cables with diameters from 0.23″ (5.8 mm) to 1.13″ (28.7 mm) into microduct.

Duct OD: 1/2″-2″ (10-51mm)
Fibre Cable OD: 0.23″-1.13″ (5.8-28.7mm)
Average Distance~: 6,500ft
Max Speed: 300ft/min
Weight: 104lbs
Push Force: 0-180lbs (778 N)
Air Pressure Requirements (PSI)*: 100-130 PSI
Air Pressure Requirements (BAR)*: 10-14 Bar
Flow Requirements (CFM)*: 185-500 CFM
Flow Requirements (CMM)*: 5-14 CMM

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