MicroDrive Cable Blower

 $275 / Per Week

The MicroDrive is the newest offering in our line of drill-powered blowing machines

Cable Size: 0.142 in., 0.150 in., 0.177 in. (3.6, 3.8, 4.5mm)
Tube Size: (OD) 0.335 in., 0.500 in. (8.5, 12.7mm)
Cable Speed: 0-300 ft/min (0-90 m/min)
Maximum Air Pressure: 220 psi. (15 bar)
Power Requirements: Variable Speed Drill with adjustable torque
Dimensions: (height x length x width) 6.6 in. x 5.6 in. x 9.7 in. (169mm x 143mm x 248mm)

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