PLASSON Polymatic Plus

 $250 / Per Week

PLASSON offers quality tools and control boxes ensuring easy installation and safe, dependable connections.
All PLASSON’s products combine to form the latest state-of-the art high performance pipe joining solution. PLASSON’s fittings include an automatic recognition system which is part of the complete smart system. The entire ElectroFusion process is executed and fully monitored by the computerized control box.
PLASSON’s ElectroFusion fittings can be used with PLASSON’s computerized smart-system control box or with standard barcode systems.
Each Plasson ElectroFusion fitting comes complete with a barcode.
PLASSON Control Box product family includes the following features:

  • Automatic welding for PLASSON ElectroFusion fittings
  • New ergonomic design
  • Fusion process supervision system
  • Fully monitored welding process
  • 4 x 20 alphanumeric character display with backlight and adjustable contrast
  • Easy and user oriented data input
  • Highly flexible welding cable
  • Reduced service expense by software controlled calibration
  • Easy data transfer to PC printer or portable memory box
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Electrofusion Machine

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