Tornado Cable Blower with Power Unit

From  $214.29 / Per Day

The GMP Tornado Fiber Blower is designed to be safe, fast, and effective, even on tough terrain. Move fiber optic cable of 0.23 to 1.25 in. (5.84-32 mm) diameter at speeds up to 300 ft./min. (90 m/min.) into pre-installed innerduct or direct-buried duct. Accommodates innerduct from .47 to 2.48 in. (12-63 mm). When renting this machine we will ask you to provide the size of the conduit, outside diameter of the fiber optic cable, and confirm that you are using couplers suitable for blowing up to 200 PSI. Our team at Millennium Leasing is here to help make sure your project goes smoothly!

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