Rent To Own

We offer Hands-On Training for all our rental or leased products. By providing one of our own specialists or factory trained field engineers to assist in the initial setup and equipment training, this ensures maximum performance and correct usage of rental and leased equipment.


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For most business owners, extracting the most value from equipment is crucial. When acquiring capital with a useful life of five-plus years, business owners demand the continued benefits of that equipment beyond the equipment’s initial rental term. With our Rent-To-Own program you own the equipment when your payments are done, and you can continue to use your equipment for as long as you need.

These Rent to Own agreements are written in 12, 18 or 24-month terms resulting in the transfer of ownership to you at the end of the term. In most states, you are also entitled to write off 100% of the rent payments as a business expense.


More About Millennium

The Millennium Group of companies were formed to help our clients from starting a feasibility study through design, build and financing a fiber to the premise (fttx) network. For more information about engineering and fiber to the home materials please visit our other divisions or talk with your sales rep.

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